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Thitaw Two guests can enjoy at breakfast (almost) daily our warm banana bread.


The brave ones ask sometimes for the recipe.

So, here it is, with thanks to You’ll see, it’s a piece of cake. :)


Mash (with fork or potato masher) 250gr ripe banana (I use “thaw bat nget pyaw hti” or “butter bananas”, the small ones), 2 eggs, 50gr butter (I use gee), 150gr sugar, a drop of vanilla aroma (or a unit of vanilla sugar), 2gr salt.


I add rasped lemon skin + some lemon juice, but you could experiment with other stuff (nuts, ginger, raisin, etc).


Add 315gr self-rising flour (I use regular flour + 10gr of our Myanmar baking powder) and stir well. Pour the batter into a greased rectangular baking pan and bake at 180 Celsius for ½ hour or so (check with a knife if baked throughoutly).


Serve warm ... and enjoy!

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